Used Aston Martins for Sale

View the widest range of used Aston Martins for sale in the UK. With over 30 beautiful hand picked examples to choose from you can explore the range under one roof. McGurk Performance Cars only buy the best low mileage Aston Martin examples that have been loved through life. All cars come with a 1 year warranty and are inspected by our Aston Martin trained Technicians in our own Service Centre.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A frequently asked question. The short answer is not as expensive as you may think. Annual servicing costs on a V8 Vantage are not too dissimilar to an Audi or BMW for example. The V12 engines are in line with most Land Rover models too. As a specialist it is our focus to make Aston Martins more affordable for everyone to enjoy. We are cheaper than a main agent by almost £100 per hour and we alternative choices for some parts to help with costs. Equally our over heads are smaller therefore we can reduce our margins to help it all make sense. Factor in how well Astons hold their value and it makes sense very quickly indeed!

A very expansive question. Classic Aston Martins command a lot of money. A well presented DB5 will fetch north of £800,000 for example. If you really want to reach for the sky then the1956 Le Mans winning DBR1 will command something in excess of £25 Million. The current production cars start at £169,000 for the New Vantage and a DB12 starts around £180,000 however after some of Q Branch special options have been ticked you can expect another £20,000 on top of each. The DBX 707 will cost in the region of £270,000. 

The second hand market hosts many bargains for your first Aston. An early DB7 starts from £20,000, once £100,000 and the early Vantage is now from £25,000 down from £75,000. The Rapide when new cost £180,000 but can now be owned from £35-40,000. If you’re a James Bond fan then the Pierce Brosnan era saw the Mk1 Vanquish (or Vanish), which new cost £170,000 but can now be snapped up for £50,000! Make sure you buy the best example, the bad ones will always bite you at service time. It’s an obvious but important point.