Meet the McGurk Team

John McGurk


Our car mad leader, a real enthusiast. The driving force with a very sharp eye for detail and straight talking business. Buying and selling Aston Martins for 20 years.

Matt joined McGurk in 2006 and is a breath of fresh air. He has a relaxed approach with clients and is easy to talk to. Fantastic knowledge of Aston Martins, loves Motorbikes too!

Kevin has joined us from Jaguar where he spent the last 22 years! Very easy going with a great attention to detail and easy to talk to. Loves cars!

Steve Pocock


Steve worked with Aston Martin for several years before joining our team, his attention to detail is unsurpassed as is his knowledge. He has been with McGurk since 2012.

Gary Crosby


We have known Gary for many years. He actually worked with Steve at Aston Martin previously. His Aston Martin knowledge is unparalleled and at one point he was the go to for the dealer network when they needed help.

Simon Thorpe


Simon’s background was with Jaguar Land Rover where he worked as a Service Advisor, Workshop Manager and ultimately Service Manager. He has excellent organisation and product knowledge. Your car is in the best hands in the business under his management.

Andy Fairman


Andys position here could not be more important. We pride ourselves with the finish of our cars, all thanks to Andy. Polishing paintwork is an art that he is very proud of and it shows.

Watson McGurk

Watson McGurk

Meeter and Greeter

Watson is our meeter and greeter. He is here to say “Hello” with a waggy tail and will always make you feel welcome. Watson loves Aston Martins but has a very keen nose for chocolate biscuits! 

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