Meet the McGurk Team

Aston Martin dealer

John McGurk


Our car mad leader, a real enthusiast. The driving force with a very sharp eye for detail and straight talking business. Buying and selling Aston Martins for 20 years.

Matt Franklin


Matt joined McGurk in 2006 and is a breath of fresh air. He has a relaxed approach with clients and is easy to talk to. Fantastic knowledge of Aston Martins, loves Motorbikes too!

Rob Robinson

Rob Robinson


Rob worked with John Twenty years ago at TWR. He has a huge amount of experience in this business, a delight and easy to deal with.

Steve Pocock

Workshop Control

Steve worked with Aston Martin for several years before joining our team, his attention to detail is unsurpassed, has been with McGurks since 2012.

Neil Lampard


Neil travelled the world with Prodrive and the Subaru World Rally Team before falling for Aston Martins. He thinks fast on his feet and has an excellent depth of knowledge. Neil joined us in 2013.

Andy Fairman


Last but far from least is our Detailer. We pride ourselves with the finish of our cars, all thanks to Andy. Polishing paintwork is an art that Andy is very proud of and it shows.

James Prowting


James has worked in the main dealer network for 15 years before starting with us in 2019. He has a great all round knowledge and loves Astons like the rest of us. 

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