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Aston Martin Specialist Detailing

Ceramic Paint Treatment and Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Those of you that know us will know how high our standards of preparation are, especially when it comes to shiny well polished paintwork.
You will be dazzled on line by different companies selling paint protection and Ceramic Coatings the cost of which can be huge. The truth is the magic shine is in the initial preparation the ‘cutting’ of that fine top layer of laquer to remove those fine scratches now known as paint correction, we call it polishing. We all want to see a fantastic depth of shine to our paintwork, a deep rich colour we can all fall in love with.
The next question is how to protect the paint work once it has been polished and prepared? The best solution and is a ceramic coating that can harden and will last longer. The trouble with car wax that you can buy in Halfords is that it is oil based, this means that everytime you wash your car you are washing away the Auto Glym (or other), polish you applied last weekend. Ceramic coatings do not last forever and they are difficult to apply properly, training is required, but it will last a lot longer and it will save your elbows everyweekend from continuous polishing. Once finished you will ba able to wash your car with the correct products (not Fairy liquid!), the the water will fall away from the paint work. Much easier!

Paint protection ppf Aston Martin Paint protection (P.P.F.)
If you want to go to the next level we can cover your car or parts of it with a Paint Protection Film or PPF as it is known. This is a very clear very thin plastic film that helps to protect your paint from the elements, stone chips etcetera. This lasts for years and the latest products are so thin they are difficult to see.
If you have an interest in any of our products please call us, we will be able to quote for your specific car no matter how little or large.
Aston Martin Paint Protection Film (PPF)
Aston Martin Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Why choose McGurk for Aston Martin?

We are experts in Aston Martin Servicing.  Your car is in the best possible hands with our factory trained Aston Martin Service technicians. We only use Genuine Aston Martin Parts complete with a 12 month manufacturer warranty. 
As an Independent Aston Martin Specialist we understand these cars better than most and as they age we have adjusted our servicing to reflect their needs. We have the depth of knowledge needed to maintain these Aston Martins to the highest standard. Everything we do is ‘By the book’ with no corners cut according to the manufacturer specifications. 
We are located next to the Aston Martin factory at Gaydon and offer an alternative to the main dealer network where we are recognised very well.
Genuine Aston Martin Parts
We will only use Aston Martin supplied parts with a 12 month warranty. No corners cut. 
Resale Value
We are very well recognised as the Independent Aston Martin Specialist in the industry, we are the best at what we do. You will be able to sell your car to any Aston Martin dealer or member of the public all of whom will have confidence that we have looked after your Aston Martin to the highest standard.
Our Technicians
Our specialist Aston Martin trained Service Technicians have years of experience from DB7 i6 through to current models. We have also trained them to think outside the box and go further. We will handle everything from routine servicing to full Engine rebuilds and warrant our work.
Our Equipment
Although an Independent Aston Martin Service Centre we are equipped with all the latest factory approved Aston Martin Diagnostic Equipment (AMDS), we also own all the necessary special tools to help complete the task at hand in the correct way. We have Aston Martin Technical  Support on hand to give us the depth of knowledge needed for these special cars. 
McGurk Showroom
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