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Aston Martin DB9 V12 Catalytic Converter Inspection

There is a lot of talk about the threat of your catalytic Converter failing and causing untold damage to your engine. This is possible however it is not something that has ever caused us a problem. John McGurk has been buying and selling Aston Martins for almost 25 years during which time we estimate conservatively he has bought something in the region of 3500-4000 Aston Martins. He has never had an engine issue due to a Catalytic converter failing and writing off the engine.

We do however inspect our engines and exhaust systems thoroughly. If it helps put your mind at rest we can run a misfire check, Cat flow test and endoscope inspection and take photographs of your Catalytic Converters. We will then talk you through the results and discuss their condition.

We feel the importance of keeping your Aston Martin in it’s original condition is key to the future value of your car. Aston Martin buyers want the best examples available, this means well cared for and not modified. Aston Martins own Provenance Certification programme will in the future become an authority for the value of your classic Aston in the same way Ferrari’s Classiche Certification has been so successful and of great importance on the open market. By removing the Catalytic Converters and re mapping the ECU to turn off the check engine light will rule out the cars eligibility for this programme. It will also rule out the ability of the car being sold to the main dealer network or indeed specialists who want to provide a fully comprehensive warranty package. Turning off an engine management light is never a good idea, they are there to warn you of engine issues, it’s the cars way of talking to you!

Warranty companies will not pay out claims on modified cars with ECU re maps. Warranties are insurance policies and they will do anything not to pay. Spending thousands of pounds on this procedure may not be necessary after all.

Do call us to talk about this or any other issue you may have. 

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