Jaguar XJ220 For Sale at McGurk Performance Cars

Jaguar XJ220 for sale at McGurk Performance Cars.

Independent specialist car dealer, McGurk Performance Cars, has consigned an immaculate, as new Jaguar XJ220 to its Warwickshire showroom. “I love these cars,” says John McGurk, owner, McGurk Performance Cars, who worked with the XJ220 in a prior role at TWR Jaguar. “I’ve driven and sold a lot of XJ220s previously, and this car is as close to a new one as you’ll find today,” adds McGurk.

The XJ220 was built between 1992 and 1994 in collaboration with TWR (Tom Walkinshaw Racing). It quickly gained record-breaking status as the fastest production car in the world, achieving a 217mph top speed being driven by Martin Brundle at the Nardo test track in Italy. Powering it is a 542bhp turbocharged 3.5-litre V6 engine, it housed in a chassis using a bonded honeycomb aluminium structure and covered by beautiful aluminium bodywork.

Along with its record-breaking top speed, the XJ220 set a number of production car lap records, and, in XJ220-C form, it competed successfully in GT championships worldwide. Controversially, three works XK220-Cs entered the Le Mans 24 hour race in 1993 in the GT class, beating all rivals, only to have their class win cruelly, and, incorrectly, a later appeal revealed, revoked on a technicality.

Jaguar XJ220 for sale McGurk Performance cars
Jaguar XJ220 for sale McGurk Performance cars

The XJ220’s conception is as incredible as the performance it achieved. Built by a team of dedicated Jaguar engineers the plan was to create modern interpretation of Jaguar’s C and D-Types of the 1950s. The prototype was built in 10 months, before being revealed to the public at the 1988 Motor Show at the NEC, Birmingham. The XJ220 was a genuine sensation, it said to have accounted for 90,000 additional visitors to the show that year, Jaguar taking 1,500 deposits for it, with deliveries planned for 1992. That cemented the XJ220’s status as an iconic car, even if its commercial success would be a victim of the prevailing economic environment – a £490,000 supercar being a tough sell for Jaguar in the heart of the 1990’s recession.

The XJ220’s rarity, record-breaking performance and beauty combine to make it one of the most iconic and desirable supercars. It absolutely defines the era that it came from and is a true modern classic. “They’re sensational to drive, challenging, but great fun, the turbos come in with a huge kick and the performance is still shocking today,” says McGurk. Its status among enthusiasts and collectors, allied to its obvious rarity, particularly in such condition make it a must have for collectors, the XJ220 still looking good value when compared to its contemporaries from Ferrari and McLaren.

Priced at £349,850, this immaculate example was delivered to its first customer in France in 1993, and has covered just 4,200kms. Finished in beautiful Silverstone Green with a Sand leather interior, it comes with a Jaguar Heritage Trust Certificate and will receive a full service prior to sale.

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Jaguar XJ220 for sale McGurk Performance cars
Jaguar XJ220 for sale McGurk Performance cars

Located at McGurk Performance Cars Warwickshire showroom, this time-warp Jaguar XJ220 joins a number of other notable rarities for sale, including one of just 46 right-hand drive Ferrari 550 Barchettas, one of 240 Aston Martin V550 Vantages built and number 14 of 150 Aston Martin GT8s among its stock.

Based just a short drive from Junction 12 off the M40 in Kineton, Warwickshire, McGurk Performance Cars is local to Birmingham, and easily reached from London and all over the UK.

Written for the press by Kyle Fortune.