In The News

I thought it would be a good idea to keep a track of different articles written about our Company and of course our racing pursuits.

In no particular order feel free to browse through the links below.


From our Finance Partners at Sports and Classic Classic and Sports Finance Article.

Our racing efforts got a mention from Oulton Park and the CSCC in September. Good footage of the car, don’t blink though at 1 min 11 secs Lotus Cortina Oulton Park


Our Podcast with Driven Chat in May 2022. Great interview with Jon Marcar Driven Chat


Following a Press Release of our Aston Martin DB5 efforts we had a lot of attention. An online Motoring Mag picked up on it here: Just British Motoring magazine

The Dailey Express ran with it too! Aston Martin DB5 Restoration


In September 2020 the local paper from Coventry got hold of our Jaguar XJ220: Coventry Evening Telegraph


My Car Heaven wrote a wonderful review of our business. Have a read through here: My Car Heaven


AM On Line talking about our business in 2018 AM On Line Article

Our interview with Pistonheads was a roaring success. Have a read: Pistonheads


Car Dealer Magazine wrote about our showroom expansion in 2017 Car Dealer Magazine