Aston Martin DB5

Aston Martin DB5 for sale

Aston Martin db5 for sale

Having an Aston Martin DB5 for sale in our showroom is a huge deal. This car car is another level again.

When it first arrived, I felt like I should bow before it. Just the weathered battered look of a car that is an icon, a holy grail, I felt like I was the one to save it or at least make sure it goes to a good home and yes I do consider that sort of thing. This DB5 started life in the U.S.A. finished in California Sage with White Gold leather (don’t ask), and white wall tyres. Thats very U.S.A. if you ask me. In left hand drive this is 1 of 187 Aston Martin DB5’s ever built, very rare indeed. Then came James Bond and Goldfinger, everybody wants to be James Bond, the car was changed to Silver Birch with black leather. At some point an electric sliding sunroof was installed, not Webasto but a proper electric sunroof, it does look a little like an ejector seat too. I cannot categorically prove it was completed by Aston Martin but it looks very genuine. In the early 80’s the DB5 arrived in Paris, France and I  am happy to say it lived there with one owner until 2005. A very well cared for car, lots of engine work including a Vantage upgrade and all the usual body work. Obviously the drivers side headlight met with something a little stronger and the DB5 went for some repairs, they were never completed. I cannot explain why. She has been like this ever since. In 2006 the DB5 was sold to the Kuwait Royal Family who at that time had made a huge investment in Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd and began their own collection of Aston Martin classic cars and DB5 was the most important car. This DB5 remained there with them until a few months ago and now it rests with us next to the Aston Martin factory at Gaydon in Warwickshire.

The most important fact with this Aston Martin DB5 is it’s clear originality. Original panels albeit a different colour. The leather is of age and has that 1960’s feel. The engine, gearbox and chassis all matching numbers and not only that but following an inspection by a well known Aston Historian it is clear the numbers are original and not re stamped as can be the case and the sunroof looks very right indeed, not sure I have ever seen another DB5 with a sunroof?

From here who knows what will happen to her but rest assured the road is waiting.

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