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If you are looking to purchase an early Aston Martin DB7, DB9 or Vantage perhaps, then specific finance packages are important.

As these cars age finance companies restrict the packages they offer as they do not understand our market place. Bear in mind they finance every brand and model of car in the UK and use guide books to help with their vehicle valuations. This means that we need a specialist company to finance our beloved Aston Martins ensuring the right package for you and your car. 

We find the most common finance packages on the early cars are Hire Purchase and Lease Purchase ('balloon' payment ) agreements. The length of these agreements can vary from 12 to 60 months. All of this does vary depending on the age of the vehicle and your credit score. We will often use finance brokers to make sure we achieve the best available interest rates.

In short pick up the phone and talk to us, we will do everything we can to accommodate you.


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