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We have been asked by a number of clients to design and develop a performance sports exhaust for the Aston Martin V8 Vantage.

The most important issue here is BHP gain versus cost as there would be little point in spending thousands of pounds for 15-20 BHP. The target was 40 BHP which is a challenge with just an exhaust modification. Although we do have experience of building upgraded engines and designing exhaust systems to match it has only ever been for our own personal fun, we decided we needed some expert help. I got in touch with Thorney Motorsport in Banbury, these guys are well known in the world of touring cars rather than Aston Martin. The challenge was laid down and accepted.

We gave Thorney Motorsport our own 45,000 mile, 2007 model year car that had good service history, a recent service and fresh clutch, in other words as ready to go as we ould make it. The car was run on the Dyno and made an average of 369 BHP considerably down on the factory 380 BHP from new. The end result was greater than we expected with the car averaging 415BHP and increase of 46 BHP!
The reading below shows the highest BHP reading acheived.

We could not wait to drive it. The differences are very noticable especially in higher gears. When accelerating hard the engine has so much more life from 3,500 rpm through the mid range bu the really exciting part is the difference at 5,500 rpm, it just does not stop pulling. On the motorway pushing hard through 4th and 5th gives you a silly grin as the engine has a new lease of life.

Here are some important points on the development.

1. Same car used for all development, dyno runs undertaken over a 4 week period to average the runs. All runs in 3rd and 4th gears for variance.
2. Car run of V Power 99 octane fuel throughout development
3. Exhaust developed to maximise through the rev range gains rather than peak only power.
4. Exhaust comprises, pair of manifolds, pair of 200 cell race cats and two options of rear silencer, Sports (loud) and Touring (less loud). The standard centre section is retained.
5. Full type 307 stainless steel construction, all fixings stainless steel
6. Remap developed to work in conjunction with the exhaust but can be fitted separately if required. Map deliberately runs the car slightly richer for safety on the engine.
7. Cats are 200 cell race cats, fully MOT compliant
8. Power increases from peak of 378 to 421 bhp (43bhp gain)
9. Torque increases from peak of 190lb to 215lb (23lb gain)
10. All power gains are throughout the rev range but increase noticeably from 3000rpm and up.
11. Car pulls a lot better from 3500rpm plus.
It is fair to say that we expect different results from each car we work on.
McGurk Performance Upgrade Options
Stage one
Re map. We can run your car on the rolling road and re map the managment system to give you that little extra. You will be presented with before and after dyno run charts to show the difference in BHP.
Stage Two
This includes performance manifolds, race cats, performance air filter and re map. We will install the system complete with before and after dyno runs, this is all about power!
Stage Three
BHP and noise!
All of the above but with an alternative rear silencer. You will have the choice of loud or really loud depending on taste. In terms of BHP there is very little difference and certainly not noticeable on the road,  but it's all about the noise!
We will offer the silencers at cost price if purchased with the complete system.
If you are interested please call and speak with either John or Mike who will be happy to discuss this exciting option.
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