Aston Martin Engine Failure, Replacement or Rebuild

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McGurk Performance Cars can repair your damaged engine.


Main agents will only replace rather than repair as this is a very specialist task.

We specialise with removing your engine and turning it back into the thumping Aston Martin V8 or 12 that it ought to be. We will only use standard genuine Aston Martin parts to ensure your car is back to full fitness.

Do not despair! These things can be fixed easier than you might think. Call and talk to our technical team who are only too glad to help. We charge £90 per hour +VAT. Please also ask about our loan car facility.

We keep new reconditioned Aston Martin V8 and V12 engines in stock ready to go for a fast turn around.

Call our workshop and tell us about the problem you have 01926691000 or e mail

The Benefits to using McGurk


Genuine Aston Martin Parts

We will only use Aston Martin supplied parts with a 12 month warranty.

Resale Value

We are very well recognised in the industry as being the best at what we do. You will be able to sell your car to any Aston Martin dealer or member of the public all of whom will have confidence that we have looked after your Aston Martin to the highest standard.  By rebuilding your exisiting engine your modern day Classic Aston Martin will hold its value for the future being a matching numbers car.

Our Technicians

Our Aston Martin trained Technicians have years of experience from DB7i6 through to current models. We have also trained them to think outside the box and go further. We will handle everything from routine servicing to full Engine rebuilds and warrant our work.

Our Equipment

Although an Independent Aston Martin Service Centre we are equipped with all the latest factory approved Aston Martin Diagnostic Equipment (AMDS), we also own all the necessary special tools to help complete the task at hand in the correct way. We have Aston Martin Technical  Support on hand to give us the depth of knowledge needed for these special cars.




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