Aston Martin DB9 Emissions Service Required

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This is a familiar warning for most Aston Martin DB9 owners at some point in their life. It is of note that DB7 will suffer the exact same problem but with a check engine light instead.

It is usually caused by a faulty coil pack therefore not giving the spark plug the kick that it needs, this results in too much un-burnt fuel and therefore a miss fire. You may not be able to hear or feel it with eleven remaining cyclinders running well but our AMDS system will pin point the faulty component, we can then remove the inlet manifolds and go to work.
There are other issues that can bring about this fault. There are valves in the breathing system at the back of the engine, these valves can fail and allow oil into the inlet manifolds and that in turn will give you poor running, mostly noticeable by checking your air filters. Also it is possible for there to be faulty buttons on your instrument panel that will create a short circuit and result in the same problem.

We can very quickly diagnose this issue for you. Please pick up the phone for some friendly advice and at £80+vat per hour we will not be beaten on price.

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